Welcome to Afriquemplois.Net

Afriquemplois is specialized in jobs in all over Africa !!!

The work market in Africa is pretty intransparent. Most people don't know where to start when they are looking for a job. This is the reason why we created afriquemplois...


It is intended for any person living in or outside Africa looking for job opportunities on the african continent.

All is free for job seekers:

» CV Builder
» Jobs Search
» Apply On Line

It is necessary that you deposit your CV so that the employers can have access to your informations.


Those which are in service are also encouraged to deposit Resume. They can have single opportunities..

For the recruiters:

Afriquemplois proposes services varied while enabling them to make the saving of time and money which they devote in the search of candidates by the traditional ways:

» Publish your job description
» Receive the requests and select the candidates on line
» Collect the CV starting from your database
» Manage your recruitments on line.

Our Parters: